Five Reasons I will Never Buy a Machine Made Rug Again

It was only 3 years ago that I bought my first hand-knotted vintage rug. My husband and I found it in a vintage shop in Victoria, BC.

It had a beautiful over dyed look, a Moroccan/bohemian flair, and lovely plush pile. I snatched it up and couldn't believe that we owned something so beautiful!

Looking at the back I could see the slight imperfections in the knots that someone had painstakingly made by hand. Over and over a real person had made each and every one of those knots. Now handknotted vintage rugs are the only rugs we sell at Clerk & Co. Why? 

Clerk and Co Vintage Handknotted rug Vancouver BC

Here are my 5 Reasons:

  • They offer incredible value. When you think about how much you pay a tradesperson, a mechanic, a store clerk, or childcare provider per hour, imagine paying that person for months or even years worth of work. These rugs take months or years of work by someone. When you think about all of the hours that went into making them suddenly $300 or $400 seems like an incredible deal.
  • Because these rugs are handmade, they hold their value. Handmade rugs you purchase can be resold for the same (or possibly more) down the road. Unlike machine made rugs which go down in value.
  • They are durable. Made of wool (typically) these rugs are hard-wearing pieces that are made to last for generations. Really! I have owned rugs from the 1800s and they looked amazing. If anything, over time the pile gets a lovely worn in look. They are meant to be walked on and used. Their patterns are conducive to hiding wear. Contrary to popular belief they actually work in homes with children!
  • They are classic. Persian and Turkish rugs have been around for hundreds of years. If you watch historical shows like Downton Abbey you will see them gracing the floors of grand homes. They are equally as at home in a chic Parisian apartment or a bohemian bungalow. Rather than being just "trendy" they are timeless and won't go in and out of fashion.You are investing in a piece of art for your home. My approach is that the things in my home should be both beautiful and functional. These rugs are just that. They are useful as they add warmth, texture and help to define zones but they also add one of a kind beauty. 


Vintage carpet clerk and co Vancouver BC