How To Make A Relaxing Bedroom Without Spending Money

Bohemian cream style bedspread with brass lamp

Here are my 5 favourite tips to make your bedroom a relaxing space! 

1) Clear the clutter.

Ever entered a cluttered space and felt anxious? Or sat down at a messy desk only to feel tense?

There is actually a psychological link between clutter and anxiety. According to this article, reasons for this include: overstimulation occurs from our surrounding, the mind gets distracted by what it is trying to focus on, we are getting the message that there is more work to be done. No wonder we can't relax!

Take some time to clear out your space. Maybe it is a pile of books on the nightstand, laundry that needs folding, or even just too much furniture. Having as little "stuff" as possible will make a bedroom more relaxing.

2) Pick a paint colour. When we moved into our apartment overseas the walls were a bright (I mean bright) pink. Everything in the room took on a pinkish hue and your first thought waking up in the morning was "wow I'm awake."

Eventually we re-painted and went with a neutral colour. The space was instantly more relaxing. Whether you like a light colour that makes you feel peaceful or a dark colour that is cozy, pick something that makes you feel at ease.

3) Choose a theme. Pick a theme for your bedding and furniture. No, not a bedroom furniture set! Design has navigated away from the "all matching" bedroom set of days gone by but pick pieces that work together so the space doesn't feel like a mishmash. Again, disharmony will not make the space relaxing.

4) Texture. Laying in texture is the best way to make a space cozy and inviting. Throw pillows, blankets, and rugs can all do this. If you don't want to spend money, search your house and repurpose items from other rooms! Textures is especially key if you are working with a monochrome colour palette.

5) Wall decor. Think about what's on your walls. A bedroom is a great place to keep it simple. In my bedroomI have pair of 100 year old watercolour paintings of the English coast. They are calming and serene. 

If you're going for relaxing, stay away from busy gallery walls and pieces that are too loud. These items can be great in other areas of the house. Choose what makes you feel at ease.

What are your best tips for making your room feel relaxing? Any favourite tips on lighting? Candles? Bedding? I would love to hear them! 


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