clerk [klurk]
  • One responsible for gathering information in a clear and cohesive manner. 
  • One who curates records and data in order to make them accessible and useful. 
At Clerk and Co. our goal is to preserve items from the past and make them relevant in the present. We curate beautiful objects and make them accessible to you. We want to provide you with quality home decor items that are beautiful, practical, and a unique reflection of you.

About Me
My name is Christiana and together with my husband, Jesse, I launched Clerk and Co when our eldest daughter was a baby. Initially it began as a hobby and slowly grew into the business it is today. 
From a young age I have loved interior decorating, antiques and travelling. For me, Clerk and Co. naturally brings together all of these interests. I have often been told by friends and family that I have an "eye" for finding beautiful objects and displaying them in my home. 
Our time living overseas inspired my love of bohemian decor, vintage handknotted rugs, and anything with a Moroccan flair. Trips to European museums and flea markets have given us a love of antique paintings and art work. My style is eclectic and I love anything from Parisienne to 70's chic to Mid Century Modern. 
While our shop is online, we regularly sell at vintage markets in and around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. When I'm not working on my business, you can find me at home chasing after my two young children. I enjoy being outside, riding my bike, drinking espresso, having picnics, and eating dark chocolate. 
Thank you for taking time to browse our online shop. Looking for some help decorating your space? Interested in attending a workshop? Feel free to drop me an email (hello@clerkandco.com) if you have any questions or want to introduce yourself! 
Chief Curator, Clerk and Co.

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